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Super Slow Motion Video Facts for Kids


                                              Slow Motion Video

A slow motion video shows us any fast moving action at a comparatively much slower rate. This makes it easy to observe the changes and the action. This effect is a special effect technique that makes the action appears to be happening much slower than its normal speed.

These videos can help us to understand processes and events that are naturally too fast to be observed in details.

In order to achieve slow motion with digital video cameras and DSLRs, you can record the video at a faster frame rate. When this video is played at normal frame rate, you will be able to see slow motion effect in this.

The standard video recording speed is 24 frames per second. Modern cameras can record footage at up to 120 frames per second.

There are some general parameters that need be taken care of while recording a slow motion video. These parameters include lighting, camera specification etc.

You can also use some kind of software that is specifically made for this purpose. These software are used in cases when your camera does not have a frame rate high enough to get the effect you are seeking for.

We all become so amazed while watching such videos because of the thrill we get when we see something that cannot be ordinarily perceived with our eyes.



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