Tally Marks Facts for Kids Video

                                                     Tally Marks

This video is all about how to read and add tally marks. Tally marks which are also known as hash marks are basically a unary numeral system. They are used for counting. A tally chart can be defined as a table with tally marks that show a valuable dataset. It is a method of collecting data. These charts are used throughout the world for visual representation of group observations. These representations are an easy way to organize the data you collected so that it can be interpreted accordingly.

Quick Facts: –

  • These marks are clustered in the groups of five for legibility. For the first four counts we draw a single line for each and for the fifth count, the line goes across the previous four lines.
  • For the sixth count, we will continue drawing single lines again.
  • During the clone wars, many clone troopers bore tally marks on their helmets to signify their killings.
  • Tally marks are mainly used to keep the record of a running count.
  • These marks are very much useful in keeping the score in a game or sport.
  • When the data is large, it becomes necessary to group the data. Unorganized data is called raw data.
  • A tally stick can be defined as an ancient memory aid device used to keep records of numbers or documents.
  • The oldest tally sticks date to between 35,000 to 25,000 years ago.
  • The method of counting used by early civilizations was counting on fingers. It also evolved into sign language for communication.