Teddy Bears

Chances are, you probably have a teddy bear. They’ve remained one of the most popular toys in America for over 100 years. But who invented the first one?


Fun Facts

  • In 1902, President Theodore (“Teddy”) Roosevelt went on a hunting trip. At the end of the trip, he’d found nothing. His hosts didn’t want him to leave disappointed and flushed out a baby grizzly bear. The president refused to shoot the little bear.
  • Clifford K. Berryman drew a cartoon of the incident which was published in The Washington Post and other newspapers around the country. The story was instantly popular.
  • A Brooklyn merchant, Morris Mitchtum, saw an opportunity. He asked his wife to sew a plush bear with movable limbs. He placed the bear in the window of his store, along with a copy of the cartoon. He dubbed the bear, “Teddy’s Bear.” Within a year, he was manufacturing and selling hundreds of the bears.
  • German toymaker, Richard Steiff, designed a toy bear around the same time after seeing a bear at the Stuttgart Zoo. The bears were displayed at the 1903 Liepzig Toy Fair. Here, an American merchant ordered 3,000 bears, launching Steiff’s success.
  • By 1907, almost 1 million bears were made in Germany every year.



  1. Plush: soft, fuzzy
  2. Manufacture: to make


Questions and Answers

Question: Who was the first inventor, Steiff or Mitchtum?

Answer: It’s hard to say. Oddly enough, they both invented the bears around the same time without having prior knowledge of the other one’s activities. And they were inspired by different events.


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