The 3 States of Matter Video for Kids

Enjoy seeing the excellent hand-picked and extremely easy to comprehend The 3 States of Matter easy science for kids video:

                                                    States of Matter

Matter can be described as anything that has mass and takes up space. It could be anything and it is all around us. It is the stuff that you see or touch. There are three major states of matter which are solid, liquid and gas. All matter is composed of atoms. In Solid state, these atoms are tightly packed together and cannot move easily. This is also the reason why solids hold their shape at room temperature. In Liquid state, atoms have some space in between. They can move slightly. In Gas state, atoms have enough space between them so that they can easily move around.

Quick Facts: –

  • When certain physical conditions change, the compounds and elements can move from one state to another.
  • Atoms are the smallest particle of matter. They are so small that cannot be seen without a microscope.
  • Most of the substances on Earth are solids at everyday temperatures. Therefore, only a few substances are liquids or gases compared to the amount of solids.
  • Gases cannot only hold their shape at room temperature but they don’t even stay put.
  • Matter can move from one state to another one, but can still be the same substance without any change.
  • Liquid Crystals are also used for the display in electronic calculators.
  • You can distinguish among solids, liquids, and gases on two levels: the macroscopic and sub microscopic.
  • The change of state from liquid to gas is called evaporation, from gas to liquid is called condensation and from liquid to solid is called solidification.