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Thor’s Well


Thor’s Well is also known as Spouting Horn. It is a large natural hole that is located in a rock bed along Cape Perpetua in the Siuslaw National Forest, Oregon, United States. It is estimated to be around 20 feet deep.

It is most active during high tide and in storms around winter because if greater amounts of water flow. During low tide, you can see numerous mussels lining the internal wall of the hole. It is believed that this hole was originally a cave that had the roof collapse in due to constant water erosion.


Fast Facts: –

  • When the water shoots out of it, a 20 feet tall fountain is created. At times, it can be taller than 20 feet.
  • During high tide, Thor’s Well can be extremely dangerous as the water pulled into the hole can also sweep people along with it.
  • This hole is surrounded by rocks that are mostly basalt.
  • It has various nicknames like ‘gaping sinkhole’, ‘drainpipe of the Pacific’ and even ‘gate to hell’.
  • This bowl-shaped hole is just three miles south of Yachats.
  • When the tide is high, the rising ocean currents create enormous pressures that cause the water to be drawn in and spouted back.
  • It was once considered to be a sinkhole that swallowed endless amounts of seawater.
  • After performing many pieces of research by geologists it was found that this hole is only 20 feet deep.
  • The diameter of this hole is generally exaggerated in pictures. In actual, the diameter is only about 10 feet.
  • It is sometimes referred to as the Drainpipe of the Pacific Ocean.



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