Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain is one of the most stunning fountains in the world. It is located in the Quirinale district of Rome, Italy. This fountain dates back to ancient Roman times and it is one of the oldest water sources in Rome. It was designed by Nicola Salvi.

The construction started in 1730 and ended in 1762. It is mostly built from travertine stone, the same material which the Colosseum is made of. This stone is formed mostly in hot springs.


Quick Facts: –

  • The Trevi Fountain is the largest Baroque fountain in Rome. It is measured 85 feet high and 65 feet in width.
  • This fountain is situated at the end of the Aqua Virgo, an aqueduct constructed in 19 BC by Agrippa.
  • The fountain spills 80,000 cubic meter of water every day. The water used gets recycled.
  • In the middle, there is a big statue of the god Ocean. He has a short wand in his hand and is surrounded by two horses.
  • People throw coins in the fountain and following old Roman tradition they then make a wish.
  • It is illegal to fish out the coins from the basin of the fountain as these coins are collected every night and used for charity purpose.
  • In the late 19th century, people started to believe that a sip of water from the Trevi Fountain would ensure a return to Rome.
  • The three streets that meet where Trevi Fountain sits are Via De Crocicchis, Via Poli, and Via Delle Muratte.
  • This fountain has been featured in many movies.