Turnips aren’t a commonly eaten vegetable anymore, but they were once considered a staple. Turnips are starchy root vegetables that grow well in places with cold winters. In fact, turnips actually taste sweeter if they’re harvested after a frost. In fact, ancient people harvested turnips throughout the winter. Without this hardy crop, they probably would’ve gone hungry.


Fun Facts

  • Turnips aren’t related to potatoes; they are related to radishes, mustard, and collard greens.
  • The turnip is a versatile plant. Both its roots and its leafy greens can be eaten.
  • Most turnip varieties have a slightly spicy taste if eaten raw. Most people prefer them boiled, mashed, and served with butter. They are also delicious roasted.
  • Turnips are sometimes grown to feed livestock.
  • Before people carved jack-o-lanterns on Halloween, they carved turnips to frighten evil spirits away during the Celtic holiday Samhain.
  • In the Middle East, people often pickle turnips.
  • Because turnips are so hardy, they were often considered a food source for the poor and needy. Aristocrats refused to eat them. Even today, they’re considered a ‘humble’ vegetable.



Hardy: tough

Aristocrats: wealthy, important people


Questions and Answers

Question: Can I grow turnips at home?

Answer: Yes, especially if you live in Canada or the northern U.S. Turnips grow best in spring and fall in cool climates. They don’t do well during hot, dry weather.


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