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Valdivian Rainforest


The Valdivian Rainforest is located in the southern cone South America and it encompasses parts of Chile and Argentina. This temperate rainforest covers an area of 95,800 square miles. A Temperate rainforest biome is the one which occurs in a temperate climate.

There are four forest ecosystems within the Valdivian Temperate Rainforest. These ecosystems are the deciduous forests, laurel-leafed forests, Patagonian Andean forests, and the Northern Patagonian forests.


Quick Facts: –

  • The Valdivian Temperate is famous for its rare and unique collection of flora and fauna.
  • It is the third largest rainforest in the world, after the Amazon and the Congo rain forests.
  • Temperate rainforests have mild climates or temperatures. These areas do not experience extremely cold or extremely hot temperatures.
  • South America’s largest woodpecker, the Magellanic woodpecker calls the Valdivian Rainforest home.
  • This rainforest is home to the monkey puzzle tree, a species that is endemic to the region. Almost 60% of the plants are endemic.
  • Major threats to this temperate Rainforest include logging, plantation development etc.
  • Some of the threatened mammal species in the rainforest include the southern pudu, the monito del monte, and the kodkod.
  • This area is home to the Tepu trees which grow in the wettest of places, in hollows left by ancient glaciers.
  • The Tepu tree is an evergreen species and a member of the myrtle family.



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