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Vortex Cannon Facts for Kids Video


                                            Vortex Cannon

Vortex Cannon is a device that releases circular air vortices that are similar to smoke rings. A vortex can be defined as a spinning flow of fluid or gas. These strong but invisible rings can persist and travel over surprisingly long distances. These rings are generally referred to as toroidal vortices. The air molecules swirl up and around from the inside of the ring in the direction of motion. These vortices are much like a mini tornado. These rings trap the air and smoke within them. They carry angular momentum which is resistant to dissipation.

Quick Facts: –

  • The air that shoots out of the cannon is a vortex of air similar to smoke rings.
  • Air does not hold a shape of its own so it gets difficult to apply a consistent force on air molecules at a time to push.
  • The physics of moving is air is known as fluid dynamics. Air is being called a fluid because the motion of gases and liquids are somewhat similar.
  • The toroidal vortices are so stable because moving fluids exert lower pressure on their surroundings as compared to still fluids.
  • The scariest toroidal vortices are the mushroom clouds that are formed by nuclear explosions.
  • The air molecules move randomly and collide with one another by chance.
  • You can easily make air vortex cannon out of any container and stretchy plastic.
  • The basic cannon is made up of a short and broad barrel which is closed by flexible diaphragms at the larger end.
  • The cannon is loaded by pulling the diaphragm out that stretches out the elastic.


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