Walruses and Seals Worksheet – Download Free Science Worksheet Printables for 3rd Grade Kids

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Walruses live in cold Arctic areas.
The Seasons

Walruses and Seals Worksheet – Download FREE science worksheet printables for 3rd Grade kids. This fun science worksheet is also suitable for 1st Grade to 5th Grade kids and can also be enjoyed by Preschool & Kindergarten kids. The Walruses and Seals worksheet is free to print and free to use. Kids of various ages can enjoy this worksheet and learn fun facts about walruses and seals.

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Walruses are water mammals which are very sociable. Walruses like to swim, live and gather in groups. What are the differences between Walruses and Seals? Walruses have tusks vs seals who have none. The Walrus with the longest tusks dominates over others. What do Walruses and Seals eat? Where do they live?

Find out more fun facts about Walruses and Seals by downloading this free science worksheet for kids!

Free Walruses and Seals Worksheet for Kids

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Download the FREE Walruses and Seals Worksheet for Kids!
Download the FREE Walruses and Seals Worksheet for Kids!


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