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                                                   Weather Facts

Weather is something that all of us experience every day. It includes wind, lightning, storms, tornadoes, rain, snow etc. It can get affected by various things like air pressure, solar radiation humidity etc. All the weather events take place in the bottom layer of the atmosphere called troposphere. This layer is 6 to 10 miles thick. Meteorology is the science that actually deals with the phenomena of the weather and different weather conditions. Weather is mainly caused by heat from the Sun and its energy.

Quick Facts: –

  • The lowest temperature ever recorded was at Vostok Station, Antarctica on July 21, 1983. It was -89.6°C.
  • The highest temperature ever recorded was in Al’Aziziyah in Libya On September 13, 1922. It was 58°C.
  • Dust storms called black blizzards are formed when dirt gets mixed with wind.
  • Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica is the windiest place on the earth. Wind can reach a speed of about 200mph.
  • The largest snowflake ever recorded was 38 cm wide and 20 cm thick. It fell at Fort Keogh, Montana, USA on January 28, 1887.
  • Yuma in Arizona, USA is the sunniest place on the entire planet as it gets more than 4,000 hours of sunshine each year.
  • The River Thames froze solid for complete two months in the year of 1684 because it was too cold. It happened during a period called little ice age.
  • Pink snow is occasionally spotted in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains and the alpine regions of Colorado.
  • The highest rainfall ever recorded in one year is 25.4 metres in Cherrapunji, India.
  • At some places in Antarctic, ice is more than 2.5 miles thick.