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Weird Animals


There are an estimated 9 million species of animals on the planet. Many of those animals are familiar to us. But there quite a few that haven’t been discovered, named, or cataloged. And there are plenty more that are weird, creepy, and downright scary.

Fun Facts

  • Remember Greek mythology? If you thought the tales of people with one eye was just a story, think again. Cyclopia is a rare genetic defect that can occur in humans and animals. A fisherman in Mexico recently found a shark baby with this odd problem.
  • Imagine crossing a piranha with a shark. That’s what you have in the goliath tigerfish. Called the “demon fish” by people who live near it in the African jungle, the goliath tigerfish can grow 6 feet long. Its razor-sharp teeth are 1 inch long and it can swim 30 miles per hour.
  • Like sea urchins or starfish, sea cucumbers are echinoderms. They come in a variety of colors and can range in size from 1 inch to 6 feet long. They’re creepy enough when they’re left alone, but bother them, and they protect themselves with some oddly effective strategies. Sea cucumbers can shoot their internal organs out their butts at a predator. Gross! Another defense is to throw out sticky threads to tangle their attackers.
  • The star-nosed mole has a nose that is surrounded by 22 red feelers or tentacles. Almost blind, this mole spends most of its life burrowing underground or near ponds for worms and insects. Its tentacles are amazingly sensitive, allowing it to find food in split second time.
  • Barreleye fish live deep in the Pacific Ocean. Their heads are completely clear and transparent, like a glass jar, meaning that you can see inside their heads to view their eyes and brain.
  • The reticulated glass frog can be found in the rain forests of Central and South America. The topside of the frog is nothing out of the ordinary – a mottled green skin, perfect for camouflage. The underside of the frog is something altogether different. It’s see-through. That’s right. It’s possible to see right into the frog’s body. Imagine viewing its heart beating or observe its internal organs.



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