What is a Barometer Facts for Kids Video

                                              Barometer Facts

A barometer is a scientific instrument used by meteorologists so that they can keep a track of air pressure. The word ‘barometer’ is formed by combining two Greek words meant ‘measuring weight’. This device is used to measure changes in pressure within the air so that weather forecasts can be made.

Fast Facts: –

  • Barometer was invented in 1644 by an Italian mathematician Evangelista Torricelli who was a student of Galileo Galilei.
  • He filled a glass tube with mercury, secured it at one end and transposed it in a dish of mercury with its open end.
  • Torricelli was not the one to name the device as barometer. In 1665, an Englishman Robert Boyle came up with this term.
  • If air pressure goes high then it means that rain and a storm is expected and if air pressure is falling that means the climate would be sunnier.
  • There are different types of barometers such as: – aneroid barometer, water barometer and mercury barometer that is the earliest.
  • A barometer has several applications like: – miners use them to determine the depth of a mine, measuring altitude or height above the ground etc.
  • These devices are also used in modern aviation.
  • Just after invention this tool was not that popular. Firstly it was used as a decorative design and was considered as a symbol of wealth for the noble people’s home.
  • In 1663, an architect Sir Christopher Wren introduced a self-recording barometer which is also known as the barograph.