Worker Soldier and Queen Ants – Free Science Hidden Words Game

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Red fire ants have a painful sting. They build mounded ant hills.
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The Worker Soldier and Queen Ants Worksheet – Download this fun printable FREE Science hidden words game for kids. This free worksheet about ants includes a free hidden words game and search-a-word puzzle game for kids. Download our free hidden words game to print as many times as you need.

Our worksheet about worker soldier and queen ants is suitable for Pre-K kids, Kindergarten kids and Grammar school kids in Grades One to Five. Kids of all ages can enjoy to learn fun facts about types of ants with this fun hidden words puzzle.

This hidden words game can be used by children in Primary school as a reading comprehension activity. It can also be used for Kindergarten kids & Pre-K kids as a listening comprehension exercise.

Teachers can use our free hidden words game to print and use to supplement science classes and after school enrichment programs. Parents homeschooling kids can use our fun science worksheets and free word search games to make learning science fun for their kids! offers many great free to download science hidden words games and easy science activity sheets for teachers, parents and educators.

Use this free hidden words puzzle game to learn facts about ant colonies and the lives of ants.  Your kids will also learn well, since they’ll need to read and re-read the fun facts about ants to find the missing words.

Ants can be pretty annoying especially when they bite you or get to your food. However, these tiny creatures can be useful in cleaning up crumbs and getting rid of old food and dead bugs. Ants are highly organized in their colonies with each ant having its own responsibilities. They know exactly what their job is and carry it out efficiently!

Download and play this fun science hidden words game and find out more fun facts about Soldier and Queen ants!

FREE Word Game on Worker Soldier and Queen Ants

[sociallocker]Download free printable Science Hidden Words Game for Kids about ants.

Download the FREE Ants Hidden Words Game for Kids!
Download the FREE Ants Hidden Words Game for Kids!


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