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About this About Cats Video

This fun video is all about Cats. Watch this interesting video and learn 5 facts you might not know about these animals. You will be able to find out how cats are not able to taste anything sweet, how playing with your cat with a laser light is patented and what that means and how there is actually a cat manager in a railroad station in Japan. The cat even managed to get promoted to super station manager. You will also learn about how the cat’s nose print is like the human fingerprint and how there was a project called “Acoustic Kitty” that turns cats into a listening device.

This is a useful About Cats facts for kids video and enjoyably enrich your deep inner interest to discover science facts about About Cats.

This About Cats video is scholastic yet fun for kids, from ones partaking in early learning programs for pre-Kindergarten kids, leading to grade 5, certainly encompassing preschool youngsters and home-schooled children.

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