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Blackbirds and Their 10 Different Types

blackbird-on-a-rock image
Over 10 species of blackbirds live in America.
The Seasons
The Seasons

When you think of blackbirds, you might think of large crows or the smaller red-winged blackbirds. Both of these birds are blackbirds, but there are many other blackbirds. In fact, over 10 species of blackbirds live in America. The blackbird family even includes meadowlarks and orioles.

Blackbird on a Rock Image - Science for Kids All About Blackbirds
All About Blackbirds: Over 10 species of blackbirds live in America.

Blackbirds build nests on the ground or in shrubs in fields or near streams. They don’t build nests in trees, but they do roost in trees when they’re not nesting. Sometimes over 1 million blackbirds roost together in a single area!

Meadowlark Singing Image
The blackbird family even includes meadowlarks (though not black in color).

Fun Facts about Blackbirds for Kids

  • Blackbirds eat insects, weed seeds, grain and fruit.
  • Farmers don’t like blackbirds because they eat sunflowers, corn and other crops.
  • Scarecrows were designed to scare off many birds, but blackbirds are usually a bigger problem than other birds.
  • Blackbirds fly to the southern U.S. during the winter.
  • Grackles and cowbirds are types of blackbirds.
Orioles Flying to a Flower Image
Orioles are also blackbirds.

Blackbird Vocabulary

  1. Meadowlark: a bird belonging to the blackbird family
  2. Grain: hard cereal foods like wheat or oats
  3. Scarecrow: a large doll made of straw
  4. Roost: rest
Crow with a Pebble in its Beak Image
Crows are blackbirds.

Learn More All About Blackbirds

Check out this cool blackbird video:

A video about a beautiful red-winged blackbird singing to its friends.

Blackbird Q&A

Question: Do male and female blackbirds look the same?

Answer: Females are usually smaller and may be brownish or gray instead of shiny black.


Question: How long do blackbirds live?

Answer: Life as a bird is tough. Blackbirds have many predators, including cats and owls. Most live no more than 5 years.


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