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What is a Fruit, its Types and Characteristics?

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When you think of fruit, you probably think of something sweet and juicy to eat. Apples, berries and oranges are all fruit. But scientists think of fruit as a part of a plant that contains seeds. The fruit might not be sweet. In fact, it might not be edible at all. But it’s still a fruit.

Explanation about fruits Image - Science for Kids What is a Fruit

What is a fruit? Scientists think of fruit as a part of a plant that contains seeds. The fruit might not be sweet. In fact, it might not be edible at all but it’s still a fruit.

Fruit is usually soft and juicy, but not always. Sometimes it’s covered by a hard, protective shell. Think about a watermelon, for instance. It is soft and juicy on the inside, but the outside is tough. Walnuts and other nuts are technically a fruit even though they are very hard.

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Watermelon Image

Sometimes fruit is covered by a hard, protective shell, like Water melon.

Fun Facts about Fruits for Kids

  • Think of all the fruits and vegetables you eat. Are any of the vegetables you eat really fruit? How about tomatoes, peppers or green beans? They all have seeds and are all fruit. Pumpkins, squash, and cucumbers are also fruit.
  • Vegetables are edible plant parts that don’t contain seeds. Lettuce, carrots and celery don’t contain seeds – at least not the parts that we eat. These plants will flower and produce seed, but we usually eat them before they do so.
  • Some fruit, such as pomegranates, have tough, leathery skins.
  • Raspberries and blackberries are called aggregate fruit. They are made up of hundreds of little fruits. Each one contains a seed.
Kinds of Dry Fruits: Nuts Image

Walnuts and other nuts (Dry Fruits )are technically a fruit even though they are very hard.

Fruit Vocabulary

  1. Edible: something you can eat
  2. Protective: keeps from harm
  3. Tough: hard, strong
  4. Leathery: leather-like, rough
Unusual Red Fruits Image

Tomatoes, peppers or green beans all have seeds and are all fruit.

Learn More about What is a Fruit

Watch this fun video about fruits:

A video about vegetables that are actually fruits.

Fruit Q&A

Question: Do all fruit grow on the ground?

Answer: Many fruits grow on trees, including apples, peaches, plums, oranges and lemons. Some fruit grow on vines.


Question: Are any types of fruit poisonous?

Answer: Many round berries are poisonous. They might even look like an edible berry. Never eat a berry unless a grown up tells you it is safe.


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