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Caecilians – The Secretive Legless Amphibians

caecilian-size image
Most are less than 12 inches long.

If you’ve never heard of a caecilian, you’re not alone. Most people haven’t heard of these quiet, secretive animals. Caecilians are amphibians like frogs and salamanders, but they don’t have legs. They live in Asia, Africa and Central and South America.

Caecilian Mother with Her babies Image - Science for Kids All About Caecilians
All About Caecilians, the amphibians like the frogs and salamanders that don’t have legs.

Caecilians spend their days in rivers and streams or burrowed under the ground. They don’t need to hear or see very well in the dirt. Most have very tiny eyes. Some caecilians have eyes that are covered with skin so they’re just bumps.

Fun Facts About Caecilians for Kids

  • Caecilians are gray, brown, yellow, orange or black.
  • Caecilians can grow up to 5 feet long. Most are less than 6 inches long.
  • These interesting animals are carnivores. They eat worms, beetle larvae, small snakes and lizards. They’ll even eat each other.
  • Caecilians have moist skin like salamanders. Some species have poisonous skin.
Caecilian with Eggs Image
All About Caecilian: Some caecilians lay eggs.

Caecilian Vocabulary

  1. Secretive: alone, quiet, mysterious
  2. Burrowed: buried underground
  3. Carnivore: eats other animals
  4. Larvae: baby stage
Caecilians Size Image
Most are less than 12 inches long.

Learn More All About Caecilians

To get to know more about Caecilians, watch this video:

A documentary clip all about caecillian lifestyle.

Caecilian Q&A

Question: Do caecilians lay eggs?

Answer: That depends on the species. Some caecilians lay eggs. Other mother caecilians incubate the eggs inside their bodies and hatch live babies.


Question: How large are caecilians?

Answer: The largest ones are about 5 feet long. Most are less than 12 inches long.


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