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Kittiwakes – The Sea Birds

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Kittiwakes are simply a type of gull, but don’t you think kittiwake is a more interesting name? These gulls live in coastal areas along North America and Europe. Kittiwakes are white or gray with black wing tips. Some kittiwakes have black legs; others have red.

Two Kittiwakes Image - Science for Kids All About Kittiwakes

Kittiwakes are white or gray with black wing tips. Some of them have black legs; others have red. These are basic characteristics all about kittiwakes.

Kittiwakes build nests on rocky cliffs during the summer. In the winter, they fly out onto the open seas where they spend the winter swimming and flying. Kittiwakes can drink sea water and are excellent fishermen.

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Kittiwakes in their Nest Image

Kittiwakes sometimes build nests on shipwrecks or buildings.

Fun Facts about Kittiwakes for Kids

  • Kittiwakes sometimes build nests on shipwrecks or buildings.
  • Kittiwakes make their nests from mud, seaweed, barnacles and feathers.
  • Kittiwakes gather in colonies.
A Colony of Kittiwakes Image

Kittiwakes gather in colonies.

Kittiwake Vocabulary

  1. Gull: a type of water fowl
  2. Rocky: full of rocks
  3. Shipwrecks: wrecked boats
  4. Barnacles: type of shelled fish
  5. Colony: group

Learn More All About kittiwakes

Have a look at this interesting video of kittiwakes:

A video of a kittiwake’s nesting ritual.

Kittiwake Q&A

Question: What do kittiwakes eat?

Answer: Kittiwakes prefer fish, but they also eat shellfish and insects.


Question: Do kittiwakes build nests together?

Answer: Kittiwakes gather in groups of 100,000 or more birds. The nests are crowded together.


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