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Sea Birds and Their Classifications

squawking-seagull image
Seagulls also belong to sea or ocean birds.

Most birds roost in trees or walk on land when they’re tired of flying, but not sea birds. These birds are expert swimmers and may live miles from land for months or even years. Most of them have protective oils in their feathers to keep them dry.

Puffin Sea Bird Image - Science for Kids All About Sea Birds
All About Sea Birds: Puffins are sea birds.

Sea birds eat fish, and lots of it. They can dive from the air to catch fish or dive to great depths in the ocean after their dinner. Some sea birds eat shellfish and insects.

Kittiwake Sea Bird on a Rock Image
Kittiwakes are also seabirds.

Fun Facts about Sea Birds for Kids

  • Puffins mate for life and have only one baby every year.
  • Kittiwakes are a type of gull.
  • Seagulls are the state bird of Utah, even though Utah is far away from any oceans.
  • An albatross served as an airplane in the Disney movie, The Rescuers.
A Seagull Squawking Image
Seagulls also belong to sea or ocean birds.

Sea Bird Vocabulary

  1. Roost: rest, sleep
  2. Protective: keep safe
  3. Shellfish: fish with shells, such as clams and mussels
  4. Depth: how deep one goes
An Albatross Sea Bird Flying Image
Albatross are also ocean birds.

Learn More All About Sea Birds

Check out this amazing video about sea birds:

A video showcasing the bird sanctuary, Isla Rasa.

Sea Bird Q&A

Question: How long do sea birds live?

Answer: Some live for less than 10 years, but a few, such as the albatross, can live 50 years or more.


Question: Do sea birds build nests?

Answer: Sea birds come to shore to build nests.


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