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Sir Isaac Newton and Laws of Gravitation


Sir Isaac Newton once said, “What we know is a drop. What we don’t know is an ocean.” Newton was a deep thinker who wanted to know more. He was curious. He became one of the most prominent mathematicians of his time. He discovered the theory of gravity, as well as ideas about the nature of color and light.

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All About Sir Isaac Newton, born in 1643. He became one of the most prominent mathematicians of his time.

Sir Isaac Newton was born in 1643. His father, a farmer, died three months before Newton was born. Isaac’s grandmother raised him. When he was eighteen, he went to Cambridge University where he studied mathematics, physics and astronomy.

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Fun Facts about Sir Isaac Newton for Kids

  • Cambridge closed for two years because of an epidemic of the plague. When it reopened, Newton returned. He later became a professor there.
  • Newton had many leadership roles. He was the warden of the Royal Mint, which meant he took care of the country’s money. He was also the president of the Royal Society.
  • Newton was brilliant, but he was difficult to be around. He argued with other scientists and was often grumpy.
  • Sir Isaac Newton was born prematurely. He was tiny and very weak. He was not expected to live, but he did.
  • Sir Isaac Newton loved school, math and science as a child. When he was 12, his mother returned for him after her second husband died. She pulled him out of school to make him a farmer. He did not like farming. Finally, he went back to school.
  • When Newton went to college, he waited tables and cleaned the rooms of wealthy students.
Newton Discovering the Theory of Gravity Cartoon Image

Newton discovered the theory of gravity.

Sir Isaac Newton Vocabulary

  1. Curious: loves to learn, engaged in life
  2. Prominent: important, well-known
  3. Epidemic: wide-spreading
  4. Plague: a disease that killed thousands of people in Europe in the middle ages
  5. Warden: caretaker

Learn More All About Sir Isaac Newton

View this video about Sir Isaac Newton:

A video explaining the laws of Sir Isaac Newton.

Sir Isaac Newton Q&A

Question: Was Sir Isaac Newton married?

Answer: Sir Isaac Newton never married and he had few friends. He preferred to work alone.


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