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Ticks – The Most Annoying and Disgusting Pests

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Ticks are at the top of the list of annoying and disgusting pests. These arachnids love one foodblood. They drink blood at each stage of life – from larva to nymph to adult. Ticks hang out in shrubs, tall grasses and low-lying tree branches, just waiting to hitch a ride on an unsuspecting victim. They drink the blood of birds, small animals, pets and even humans.

Tick Sucking Blood Image - Science for Kids All About Ticks

All About Ticks: Ticks drink blood at each stage of life – from larva to nymph to adult.

Once a tick has found a host, they make a small cut on the skin and insert a straw-like feeding tube to drink the blood. They can stay for as long as two days, slowly drinking blood. Then they drop off and wait for their next meal.

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Different Tick Sizes Image

Ticks are small and hard to see. Most are less than ¼ inch long.

Fun Facts about Ticks for Kids

  • Ticks are small and hard to see. Most are less than ¼ inch long.
  • Ticks carry diseases and can spread disease from one animal to the next.
  • Some ticks have barbed feeding tubes so they are hard to dislodge. Some even inject a pain-killing substance into the host so it doesn’t feel the tick.
  • Most ticks must remain on the host for several hours to spread disease.
How to Remove a Tick Image

If you find a tick on your skin remove it slowly and carefully with pointed tweezers.

Tick Vocabulary

  1. Annoying: pesky, bothersome
  2. Disgusting: icky, revolting
  3. Unsuspecting: unaware
  4. Host: an animal  or person
  5. Dislodge: release or remove

Learn More All About Ticks

Watch this interesting video and learn more about a tick’s life cycle:

A video to help you understand the life of a tick.

Tick Q&A

Question: How can I avoid ticks?

Answer: Wear long clothing, socks and shoes when hiking, as well as a tick repellent. Check yourself when you return home for ticks.


Question: What should I do if I find a tick?

Answer: You should ask a grownup to help you remove the tick slowly and carefully with pointed tweezers.


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