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The Seasons video

Try this experiment in your sandbox or in a dirt pile. Make a tall mound of sand or dirt. Now slowly pour a little water on top of the mound. Let it drain and pour more water. Repeat the process several times.

Now look at what’s happening. Chances are, the water is draining in one particular spot. In that area, the water has washed out the sand or dirt, creating a v-shaped valley. This is one of the ways that valleys are formed on the Earth too.

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As snow melts and flows down mountains and hills, it creates rivers and streams. These rivers carve out the Earth over millions of years, even moving rock.

Fun Earth Science Facts for Kids on Valleys - Image of the Glengesh Valley - Valleys Worksheet

Fun Earth Science Facts for Kids on Valleys – Image of the Glengesh Valley

Fun Facts about Valleys for Kids

  • The steeper the mountain, the faster the water flows. The faster the water flows, the deeper the valley it makes. Some valleys are steep canyons.
  • Glaciers, which are huge sheets of ice, make even larger valleys. They slowly move down a mountain, often following a valley already created by a river. They round out the valley so it has a U-shape instead of a V-shape.
  • Occasionally, a valley isn’t caused by a river or a glacier. A valley forms where two plates meet, but don’t completely touch.
  • Valleys are usually protected from fierce winds and storms.
All About Valleys for Kids - Image of a U-Shape Valley

All About Valleys for Kids – Image of a U-Shape Valley

Valleys Vocabulary

  1. Mound: hill
  2. Flow: move
  3. Carve: hollow or dig out
  4. Fierce: harsh, severe

All About Valleys Video for Kids

Check out this cool video about Valleys for kids:

This is a video of a clay animation about how valleys were formed.

Valleys Q&A

Question: Can more than one valley be in the same location?

Answer: When the rivers formed the valleys millions of years ago, side valleys sometimes formed as the rivers branched off into creeks and streams. Waterfalls often cascade from these side valleys into the larger main valley below.


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