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All about Who Was Confucius Fun Facts for Kids - a Statue of Confucius at the Confucius Institute in San Diego
All about Who Was Confucius Fun Facts for Kids - a Statue of Confucius at the Confucius Institute in San Diego
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Confucius is considered one of the greatest and wisest leaders in Chinese history, but he died believing he had not made a difference. Born in 551 B.C., Confucius became a teacher and a famous philosopher in China. The Chou dynasty had ruled China for over 500 years, but during Confucius’ youth, new leaders took over China. People threw out old ideas about kindness and tradition. Confucius was worried about his country.

A Portrait of Confucius by Wu Daozi of the Tang Dynasty
Geography Fun Facts for Kids on Who Was Confucius – a Portrait of Confucius by Wu Daozi

He began speaking out. He believed in treating others with love and respect. He thought that how much money you had did not matter. He thought all people deserved to be educated. The poor people loved Confucius, but many of the leaders did not like him. He spoke against them because they were corrupt and treated the peasants badly. Some of the leaders tried to hurt him; most simply ignored him. Confucius thought he had failed, but people have followed Confucius’ teachings for more than 2,000 years.

Fun Facts About Confucius For Kids

  • Confucius taught about the importance of “ren,” or loving others. He taught people to treat each other as they would like to be treated. Does that sound familiar?
  • He taught that parents should love their children and children should love their parents.
  • He believed that all people can succeed if they work hard and develop character.
  • Confucius believed that education was the secret to changing people.
  • He believed that leaders should be self disciplined and humble. They should lead with kindness.

Who Was Confucius Vocabulary

  1. Wise: thoughtful, experienced
  2. Philosopher: someone who thinks deeply about life
  3. Tradition: old customs and beliefs
  4. Corrupt: dishonest
  5. Peasant: poor people

All About Who Was Confucius Video For Kids

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Who Was Confucius Q&A

Question: What was the real name of Confucius?

Answer: Confucius is a Latin name. The man’s real name was Kong Qui.


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