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Amazing Fire Tornado Facts for Kids Video


                                          Fire Tornado Facts

A fire tornado is almost similar to a simple tornado. The only difference is, it is made up of fire instead of air. It is more like a hurricane. A fire tornado can be defined as a whirling column fire in upward direction. It is also known as ‘fire devils’.

Quick Facts: –

  • Fire tornadoes are rare but extremely disastrous.
  • It carries smoke, flames and debris in upwards direction with a continuously increasing speed.
  • An organized source of angular momentum from wind shear is a must for existence of a fire tornado.
  • They are mysterious and highly dangerous.
  • They occur when hot winds come into contact with bushfires that are already raging.
  • Fire tornadoes can be seen forming around hills where the lee air is still and wind shear occurs.
  • They are generally between 2m and 10m in length.
  • Although fire tornadoes are dangerous but they give enough time and opportunity to animals to escape.
  • They can be caused by bushfires.
  • They can be extremely dangerous because the temperature can reach up to 2,000°F.




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