Amazing Flying Fish Facts for Kids Video

                                                 Flying Fish Facts

Flying fish is a type of fish that can glide through the air. There are total 40 known species of flying fish. They can be easily found in every ocean of the world but most preferably in Caribbean Sea. Their size can vary from one species to another. It ranges between 6-12 inches. Most of them have their pectoral fins that can be spread like wings.

Quick Facts: –

  • Flying fish belongs to the Exococetidae animal family.
  • They have a unique physical appearance by which they can be easily identified. They are dark blue on the top and silver below. They have an unevenly forked tail.
  • Flying fishes generally feed on crustaceans and plankton and their feeding time is during night.
  • They prefer to swim in groups. These groups are called school.
  • Flying fishes can reach up to a speed of 30mph.
  • They can glide up to 200 metres. While gliding, they can flap their wing like fins.
  • They have an excellent vision due to their relatively large eyes.
  • Flying fishes use their gliding techniques to escape from predators.
  • They generally mate in the season when ocean currents are the weakest. It varies from ocean to ocean. As it could be autumn or spring.
  • They lay their eggs near the surface of water.
  • These eggs are attached to seaweed and floating debris.
  • Their average lifespan is about 5 years.
  • Their main predators are Tuna, Swordfish while swimming and birds in the air.