Imagine a cross between a turtle and a military tank and you might have an anklyosaurus. This animal was slow, but tough!

Fun Facts

  • The anklyosaurus was covered in flexible armor plating made from bone. Its tail held a massive bone club, perfect for whacking a predator. Its head was also covered in bony armor.
  • Although the anklyosaurus couldn’t move quickly, its armor kept it well protected. Unless a predator could reach its throat and underside, this dinosaur had a good chance of survival.
  • The Anklyosaurus was discovered in the U.S. and Canada in 2006.
  • It lived on plants and grew 33 feet long, making it one of the largest of the armored dinosaurs.
  • Anklyosaurus means fused lizard. This dinosaur belonged to the Anklyosauria group, for which it is named. All the animals in this group have bony armor, some of it fused. This armor, which is embedded in the skin, is called
  • The anklyosaurus had a wide, beaked mouth, and flat teeth for shredding plants.
  • Scientists have never found a complete skeleton of an anklyosaurus. They know what it probably looked like from studying other dinosaurs in the Anklyosauria family.
  • The dinosaur’s armor was solid bone with lightweight bone between it. This design made it light enough for the dinosaur to move freely.


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