What is an Anthropologist

An anthropologist’s job is a little like that of a detective. Anthropologists look for clues to help them understand human beings and their lives. Anthropologists might work at a dig site, uncovering and examining ancient pottery or tools.


Fun Facts

  • Anthropology is the study of human behavior, including cultural traditions, food, art, music, and relationships. Some anthropologists study how humans move across regions over time. Others are interested in how humans adapt and change.
  • Anthropologists might study humans in a specific geographic area or during a specific period of time. Some anthropologists are interested in one small specific area of study, such as how humans around the world parent.
  • Anthropologists often work as professors or researchers at universities. They might work in related fields that require skills in research and analysis.
  • Most anthropologists have a masters or doctorate degree.
  • The average salary for anthropologists is around $30 an hour.
  • The field of anthropology is shrinking. Fewer jobs are available in this field; however, similar jobs are growing.


Questions and Answers

Question: Is going into anthropology a good idea?

Answer: Anthropology is a fascinating subject. It’s definitely worth taking a few college courses in the subject. Finding a job might be hard and salaries are relatively low.


Learn More

Visit the American Anthropological Association to learn more.