How to become an Aerospace Engineer

Are you interested in airplanes? Do you like to build things? How about a career designing, building, and testing aircraft? Imagine creating the next commercial airliner, designed for carrying hundreds of passengers. Or working on the fastest, stealthiest military plane. These are two projects an aerospace engineer might work on.

Fun Facts

  • Aerospace engineers work on airplanes, space shuttles, satellites, and even missiles. They need advanced training in mathematics and physics. Aerospace engineering is one of the most challenging engineering fields.
  • In addition to designing and engineering aircraft, engineers must test the crafts for safety. Simulations with small models allow engineers to evaluate a design’s potential flaws.
  • Aerospace engineers typically need a bachelor’s degree in aeronautics engineering or a similar field. Thirty percent of aerospace engineers have a master’s degree.
  • Aerospace engineers earn an average of $58.00 per hour, higher than most fields. Annually, engineers can expect to earn between $73,000 and $143,000, depending on their experience and education.
  • Jobs are limited for this field since the air and space industry is a small one. Companies like Boeing need only a few airplanes designed.
  • Aerospace engineers usually work for the federal government or manufacturing industries. A few work for NASA. Engineers generally work in an office environment.


Questions and Answers

Question: What should I do if I think I want to become an aerospace engineer?

Answer: If you think you might like to be an engineer, start learning about science and math now. Have fun building projects and learning to think critically. When you get to high school, take every science and math class offered, as well as some business classes.

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