Physics for Kids Facts for Kids Video

                                                    Physics for Kids

Physics can be defined as a branch of science that includes the study of different forces and their impacts on the environment. It is an experimental science in which the matter, energy and their interaction is studied. The word physics has been derived from a Greek word that means ‘knowledge of nature’. The subject has many scientific laws that are actually statements describing tested and confirmed phenomena. It has been around for a really long time. Physics covers almost everything from sound to light, nuclear science to geology and many more fields.

Quick Facts: –

  • Physics is not all about theoretical concepts. It also deals with many practical activities of this universe.
  • Matter and energy are the two things that the entire universe is made of.
  • In modern physics, the extremes of the universe are studied.
  • An atom is very small and most of it is empty space.
  • An electron can move in straight lines as well as waves.
  • If we talk about the quantum world then Past, Present and Future all three occur simultaneously there.
  • Sir Isaac Newton described the movement of objects scientifically by introducing Laws of Motion.
  • The speed of wind near the ocean surface is lower as compared to the speed of wind at higher altitudes.
  • Air is not weightless. It can be weighed with the same accuracy as we weigh iron, lead or any other solid material.
  • An element can be in two different states at one time.