Ants Worksheet – Free Downloadable Easy Science Activity Sheet Hidden Words Puzzle

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Red fire ants have a painful sting. They build mounded ant hills.

Ants Activity Sheet – Free Downloadable Easy Science Activity Sheet Hidden Words Puzzle. Our free downloadable activity sheet for kids includes a fun word seek game in addition to a hidden words game for children. Our ants activity sheet is free to print.

The free easy science hidden words puzzle is enjoyable for kids in Junior school in Grade 1 to 5 as well as Kindergarten kids and Preschool kids. Our hidden words puzzle on ants is a fun and an easy way to gain your child’s interest during science classes or homeschooling science lessons.  Children doing homeschooling or early learning activities can enjoy playing the word puzzle game while learning fun facts about ants. 

Kids in Junior school from first Grade to Fifth Grade can enjoy our free ants hidden words puzzle as a reading comprehension activity. Children shall learn well since they will probably need to read and re-read the fun facts about ants to find the missing words.
This worksheet is a great fun method for kids to learn and remember facts all about ants and also a great way for developing better reading comprehension skills.

Kids in Kindergarten and Preschool who don’t read and write can enjoy this free fun facts about ants activity sheet as a listening comprehension exercise. Teachers or Educators can read out loud to the kids the fun facts about ants and then ask the kids what they think the missing words were. Kids can also have fun playing the hidden words puzzle and practice to find and recognize letters and words.

Parents can use this ants fun facts activity sheet to awaken their kids interest in science and spend quality time educating children about ants.

Teachers can utilize this free downloadable ants activity sheet to supplement science classes at school and make learning about ants fun for kids.

Tutors and Educators can use our free easy science activity sheet for child enrichment programs or early learning activities. is a great science website with fun science activities for kids. We offer many free downloadable easy science activity sheets for kids and fun hidden word search puzzles.

Ants live in big colonies. Each ant has a different task to do in the colony. There is a queen ant, male ants for mating with the queen and female ants that are workers and even soldier ants. The colony has many tunnels and rooms. Where do ants build their colonies? How long do ants live?

Discover more fun facts about ants by downloading the ants worksheet!

Free Easy Science Ants Worksheet for Kids

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Download the FREE Ants Worksheet for Kids!
Download the FREE Ants Worksheet for Kids!

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