Arctic Musk Oxen Activity Sheet – Easy Science Kids Activity Sheet Printables

Musk Oxen Quiz
Musk Oxen Quiz

Arctic Musk Oxen Activity Sheet – Download the FREE printable Musk Oxen worksheet for kids. This easy science activity sheet, is suitable for Grammar school kids in Grades 1-5, as well as for Pre-K and Kindergarten kids.

Pre-K & Kindergarten kids can learn fun facts about the arctic musk oxen and use this activity sheet as a listening comprehension tool.

Grammar & Elementary school kids can enjoy the Musk Oxen facts worksheet as a reading comprehension game.

The hidden word search puzzle is a fun way for kids to learn fun facts about Arctic Musk Oxen.

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Musk oxen are arctic mammals. The Musk Oxen’s diet consists mostly of plants. Arctic Musk Oxen have very thick long hair to keep them warm during cold winter months. Therefore, the Arctic musk oxen looks like a hairy mop. At times, the male Oxen fight each other over territory.

Discover more Musk Oxen facts for kids by downloading the free Arctic Musk Oxen activity sheet.

Free Arctic Musk Oxen Activity Sheet for Kids

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Download the FREE Arctic Musk Oxen Activity Sheet for Kids!
Download FREE Arctic Musk Oxen Activity Sheet for Kids!


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