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Spanish explorers first came to the area that is now Arizona in the 1500s. Mexico later claimed the land, followed by the U.S. Arizona, with its unique desert plants and purple mountains, has a look unlike any other state in America.

Fun Facts                

  • The first settlers found Arizona a dry, hot challenging place. Frequent skirmishes with native people, limited water, and scorching temperatures were constant worries.
  • In its early days, Arizona was the epitome of the Wild West with cowboys and outlaws. Old Tucson is a movie lot where westerns were produced for many years.
  • Limited water is still a problem today as Arizona’s population grows. Water comes from the Colorado River and underground aquifers.
  • The Grand Canyon in northern Arizona was carved by the Colorado River almost 2 billion years ago. Humans have been there for at least 12,000 years.
  • Arizona is home to several large Indian reservations, including the San Carlos and Whiteriver Apache Reservations, the Tohono O’Odham Indian Reservation, and the Navajo Nation Indian Reservation. Crafts people make and sell traditional woven blankets, dolls, and turquoise jewelry.
  • Near Phoenix lay fertile farming communities.
  • Kitt Peak National Observatory holds the world’s largest collection of optical and radio telescopes.
  • More copper is mined in Arizona than anywhere else in the U.S. This copper was used to build railroads in Arizona more than a century ago.


Arizona Quick Stats

Population: 6,392,017

Capital: Phoenix (population, 1,445,632)

Largest city: Phoenix (population, 1,445,632)

State bird: cactus wren

State flower: saguaro

Questions and Answers

Question: Are any famous historical figures from Arizona?

Answer: Geronimo, the famous Indian warrior, was from Arizona. He fought the Mexican army and later the U.S. army.


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Watch a short video about Arizona.



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