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This fun video for kids shares some amazing science facts that you might not know about. In this video, you will learn how cashews grow on an apple, how mushrooms are more closely related to animals than plants, how trees actually grow in the air and how Lake Superior has enough water to cover North and South America with one foot of water. You will also learn about how there are more stars in the universe than the number of grains of sands from all the beaches in the world, how there are more bacteria cells in the human body than actual body cells and how male clownfish can become a female clownfish in time. Find out about more fun and amazing facts with this great video.

Your child will discover a lot from enjoying this Awesome facts for kids video and considerably widen all your children’s attraction to Awesome Facts.

This Awesome Facts video is directed for young children, from those participating in early learning programs for pre-K children, till elementary school, obviously likewise suitable for pre-school kids and kids educated in your home.

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