Ball Lightning

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Ball Lightning is a phenomenon of atmospheric electrical activity. We can define it as a mysterious luminous ball that is generally accompanied by thunderstorms. The glow resembles a 100-watt light bulb.

It may fade or dissipate with a small explosion in just a  few seconds. The size can range anywhere from pea-sized to several meters in diameter. The glowing ball can be red, orange, or yellow in color.

According to CSIRO scientist John Lowke’s theory ball lightning is caused when leftover ions are swept to the ground following a lightning strike,

Quick Facts: –

  • This rare aerial phenomenon is also known as Globe Lightning.
  • Ball Lightning is often accompanied by a hissing sound and distinct odour.
  • It usually occurs near the ground during thunderstorms and lasts only for a few seconds.
  • According to Atmospheric Maser Theory, ball lightning is formed as a result of the laser effect. Charged molecules of water present in the clouds.
  • Many surveys were conducted to ascertain the existence of this phenomenon. Only 1 out of 30 people claim to have seen ball lightning.
  • It is sometimes sighted near metal fences and other objects like wires. It shows their affinity towards metallic objects.
  • There are very few reports of people killed by ball lightning.
  • According to a Russian physicist and Nobel laureate Pyotr Kapitsa, the luminous ball acts as a resonant microwave cavity.
  • After the Survey of Kugelblitz Theories for Electromagnetic Incendiaries, a program was proposed to develop a weapons application.