After India gained its independence from Great Britain in 1947, the country set aside East and West Pakistan as a homeland for Muslim Indians. The two parts were in perpetual conflict, until 1971 when East Pakistan became Bangladesh. Since then, the country has continued to have wars.

Bangladesh is one of the world’s most densely populated countries. It sits mostly in lowland areas and is prone to flooding and tropical storms. Many people in Bangladesh are farmers. Most live in poverty. Garment making is another important industry. Garment factories employ many women and children to make clothing – much of it destined for the United States and other Western countries. A garment factory collapsed in 2013, killing 1,000 workers.

Image of  Sadar Bari in Bangladesh

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  • 150 million people live in Bangladesh.
  • The country has 55,598 square miles of land.
  • Bengali is the official language of Bangladesh.
  • Islam and Hinduism are the major religions.
  • The life expectancy in Bangladesh is 64 years.


  1. Perpetual: continual; never stopping
  2. Dense: thick
  3. Populate: containing people
  4. Collapse: crumble, fall down

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Visit the BBC to learn more about Bangladesh.

Extra Credit

Question: What are government officials doing to improve conditions?

Answer: The Bangladesh government has made efforts to improve education and health care. However, widespread conflict continues to cause problems. If global warming causes sea levels to rise, this country may suffer even more flooding.