Pakistan, in Central Asia, is an ancient region, originally settled by humans over 5,000 years ago. The country was part of India, until 1947. After achieving independence from Great Britain, India set aside the country of Pakistan as a homeland for Indian Muslims.

The country was originally divided into two parts: the East Wing, which is now Bangladesh, and the West Wing, which is now Pakistan, and runs from the Himalayan Mountains to the Arabian Sea.

Pakistan has been plagued with conflicts over religion in recent years. Muslim extremists demand a strict Islamic state, while many people in Pakistan prefer the more lenient Barelvi Islam.

Image of  Lahore fort in pakistan

Fun Facts

  • Over 200 million people live in Pakistan making it the 6th most populated in the world.
  • The country has 310,403 square miles of land.
  • Urdu is the official language in Pakistan. Other languages include English, Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto and Balochi.
  • The life expectancy in Pakistan is 68 years.
  • At 8,611 m K2 is the tallest mountain in Pakistan and the second tallest in the world next to Mount Everest at 8,848 m.
  • Pakistan is home to some beautiful exotic wildlife such as: River Dolphin, Flying Squirrel, Mugger Crocodile,Siberian Ibex, Red Fox.
  • The Pakistan name means “The land of the pure”.
  • Roh or more commonly known as sugarcane juice is Pakistan’s national drink.
  • Pakistan shares borders with: Iran, China, India, Afghanistan.



  1. Ancient: very old
  2. Homeland: land set aside as home for a specific ethnic or religious group
  3. Plague: bothered or tormented by
  4. Lenient: lax; less strict


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Extra Credit

Question: What are some of the rules Islamist extremists want people to follow?

Answer: Islamist extremists have strict rules for moral behavior. Women should be fully covered from head to toe and girls should not attend school, for example.