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Beam Bridges


A bridge can be defined as a structure which is built to span any physical object like rivers, roads etc. and provide a passage. Common types of bridges are Beam bridges, Suspension Bridges, Cantilever Bridges, Truss Bridges, Arch Bridges and Cable stayed Bridges. Design of a bridge depends on various factors like its intended function, type of location at which the bridge is constructed and financial resources.


Quick Facts about Beam Bridges: –

  • A beam bridge is made in simple design since it is only supported by a pier located at the end of the bridge.
  • Various kinds of material can be used to build a beam bridge like: – wooden planks, stone slabs or logs.
  • The Lake Ponchartrain Causeway is the world’s longest bridge. It is also a beam bridge.
  • Generally, beam bridges are not used for long distances because the increased distance in supporting points weakens the bridge.
  • A beam bridge is also known as a girder bridge. These bridges are the least expensive ones to build.
  • Strong pillars are used in beam bridges to disperse the weight of traffic and the weight of the beam itself.
  • The modern beam bridges are not made up of wood or logs. Reinforced concrete and steel is used in the construction of these bridges that makes them strong and rigid.
  • There are three main types of beams that are used in construction of beam bridges: – trusses, box girders or I-beams.
  • Beam bridges are not always in the single span. Multiple piers can be used to support multiple spans.
  • A beam bridge should never extend more than 250 feet. If there is a need to build a longer bridge then it will result in a series of bridges joined together.


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