Pictures of Bridges Facts for Kids Video

                                                   Bridges Facts

A bridge can be defined as a structure that is built to cross an open gap or space. They are generally constructed for crossing a water body, valley, or sometimes road. There are 6 different types of bridges: – truss bridges, beam bridges, suspension bridges, cantilever bridges, cable-stayed bridges, and beam bridges. Zhaozhou Bridge in China is the world’s oldest bridge. It is a stone segmented arch bridge. It was built in 605 A.D. The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge in southern Louisiana is the world’s longest bridge. It is a beam bridge.

Fun Facts: –

  • The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, Japan is the longest suspension bridge in the world with an incredible length of 1991 meters. It opened in 1998.
  • Safety and strength of the bridge are the most important factors. A bridge should be able to support its own weight as well as the weight of people and vehicles that will cross it.
  • Three basic components of a bridge are foundation, substructure, and superstructure.
  • The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the busiest bridges in the world with 145,000 vehicles passing over it every day.
  • This bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn over the East River.
  • A Polish engineer Stefan Bryla designed the first welded road bridge in 1927.
  • Cable-stayed bridges are a variant of suspension bridges. They are less expensive when compared to suspension bridges.
  • The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco is a well-known suspension bridge. This bridge was completed in 1937.
  • The design of a bridge depends on its intended function, location, and financial resources.
  • The first ever moveable bridge was built to prevent the enemy from reaching the gates of the castle.