Best African Elephant Facts Video for Kids

                                       Facts about African Elephants

The African elephant is the largest of all the land mammals. It is a common belief that their ears are shaped like the African continent. The lifespan of an African elephant is approximately 60 years. They are considered as a keystone species. These elephants are also known as savannah elephants. Their scientific name is Loxodonta Africana. They require a great deal of food to support their large body size. They can eat about 350 pounds of food in a single day. They are classified as vulnerable by the IUCN. African elephant can be 7.5m long, 3.3m high at the shoulder and 6 tonnes in weight.

Quick Facts: –

  • There are two subspecies of African elephants: – the larger savannah elephant and the smaller forest elephant.
  • They are able to swim for long distances.
  • They do not have any sweat glands.
  • They are known to have the largest brain in the entire animal kingdom.
  • African elephants are less hairy as compared to their Asian cousins.
  • Their trunk is about 7 feet long and capable of killing a lion.
  • Their skin might look tough but is really very sensitive in actual and can be damaged by the harmful UV light rays from the Sun.
  • They are herbivores and spend most of their day searching for food in grass, plants, barks etc.
  • They have excellent sense of smell and hearing.
  • These elephants love wading in water and taking mud bath.
  • Their ears radiate heat to keep them cool.
  • Their trunk can be used for various purposes like: – breathing, smelling, trumpeting, drinking and sometimes for grabbing things.
  • They have a gestation period of around 22 months which is longest of all other mammals.
  • They communicate with each other through a type of growling noise.