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Best Bear Attack Survival Tips Video for Kids


Take a few moments to enjoy a cool chosen and really simple to understand Bear Attack Survival Tips facts for children video:

                                         Bear Attack Survival Tips

So you finally escape to the great outdoors. Good for you but watch out for bears or you may need to escape from the great outdoors. You will need: –

  • A cool head
  • Acting skills

Optional requirements: –

  • Right hook
  • A large and loyal pet

Step 1: –

If you have already had your head ripped off during a bear encounter, we probably cannot help you. However, if the bear has not ripped off your head because you saw him first, you should slowly and quietly begin walking in the opposite direction of the bear, till he is out of sight. Calmly sit somewhere for about half an hour. While waiting, make noise and refrain from eating.

Step 2: –

Resume your walk but keep making noise so that the bear knows that you are around. Truth is the bear does not want to run into you either.

Step 3: –

Despite your best efforts, if you find a bear standing right in front of you then do not make eye contact. The bear would take this as a direct challenge and rip your head off.

Step 4: –

Back away slowly and speaking in a soft voice. If the bear is charging then do not run. He will chase you down for sure. Instead, stand perfectly still and slowly back away.

Did you know?

You are more likely to be struck by lightning than mauled by a bear.



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