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Freezing Moon Video Summary

Watch this video about Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons and one of the largest moons in the solar system. You will be able to learn facts about the moon Europa like how it has a rock core, how the entire moon’s surface is covered with solid ice, and how scientists believe that there could be a thick layer of salt water lying in between those 2 layers. With this video, you will see how the Galileo space probe measured the thick magnetic field in Europa, and how this led to the discovery that there is a vast, salty ocean beneath the surface of Europa. The video also talks about how deep this ocean could be, and how it has more water than twice the amount of liquid water of all of the Earth’s oceans combined.

This is a useful Freezing Moon facts for kids video and rapidly boost your kids’ interest in Europa, the Freezing Moon.

This Freezing Moon video is explanatory yet fun for kids, from those kids engaged in early learning programs for pre-Kindergarten kids, all the way to 5th grade, obviously together with pre-school youngsters and kids in distant boarding schools.

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