Best Curling Stones Facts for Kids Video

                                       Best Curling Stone Facts

Curling is a sport played worldwide but very much popular in Canada. It first became an organized sport in Scotland in the 16th century. Players slide stones on ice sheet towards a target area. The particular target area is segmented into four concentric circles. Curling stones are made of granite and weigh between 17.24 kg and 19.96 kg. This game debuted at the Olympics in 1924 but did not return as an official competitive event until the winter games of 1998. It is a team sport played by two teams of four players. This game is also known as ‘the roaring game’.

Fun Facts: –

  • The first curling clubs were formed in Scotland. The Grand Caledonian Curling Club was formed in 1838.
  • It is a game of etiquette that is always preceded by a handshake and the expression ‘good curling’.
  • Each game is started by a toss and the winner of the toss usually picks to go last.
  • Four positions of the players are: – Skip, Vice, Second and Lead.
  • The captain of the team is called the Skip.
  • Three basic shots in curling are: a Guard, the Draw and the Takeout
  • Traditionally the winners have to buy the losers a drink after the match.
  • Good sportsmanship is an integral part of the game and players should always congratulate their opponents on a good shot.
  • There are about 1.2 million registered curling players in the world.
  • The first world championship of curling was held in 1958.
  • The oldest known curling stone was from 1511.
  • The curling sheet is rectangular with a length of 45-46 metres and width of 4.4-5.0 metres.
  • Sometimes neither team scores any points. This is called a black end.