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This video is simulated to take place in the Cretaceous period and talks about Pterosaurs or flying reptiles such as the Tapejara and the Ornithocheirus. The video will talk about how species of these dinosaurs were huge and how their wing span can reach up to 6 meters or more. You will also find out about the biggest Pterosaur of them all, the Ornithocheirus, which is bigger than an adult man and considered the king of the skies. You will learn how this dinosaur spends most of his life circling the globe for food. The video will also show and talk about how the Tapejara moves, behaves and what some of their body parts are like.

This video is all about dinosaurs. Some people misspell the word DINOSAURS and say instead dinasours, dinosours, dinosaurs, dinosaure, dinosors or even dynasors or dinosores, but all these are wrong. The correct way to spell it is dinosaurs.

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This Dinosaurs Video is suggested for your children, from those kids partaking in early learning programs for pre-K kids, till kids in grade 5, clearly including preschoolers kids and parental directed tutoring programs.

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