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Elephant Toothpaste Experiment

                             Elephant Toothpaste Experiment

This video is a demonstration of a science experiment to create exploding toothpaste. It is also called as Elephant’s toothpaste.

Required Materials: –

  • Safety glasses and rubber gloves
  • Plastic tarp
  • Funnel
  • An empty plastic bottle
  • 40-volume hydrogen peroxide
  • Dish Soap
  • Dry yeast
  • Warm water
  • Food colours

Procedure: –

  • First of all, put on the rubber gloves and safety glasses.
  • Then cover the demonstration table with the plastic tarp to avoid the mess.
  • Pour 120 ml of 40-volume hydrogen peroxide to the empty plastic bottle by using a funnel.
  • Pour some dish soap and some food colouring. Then mix it with the hydrogen peroxide in the plastic bottle.
  • Now in a cup mix a generous amount of dry yeast with warm water. The consistency of the mixture should be thin. It will work as a catalyst.
  • And the last step is to pour that catalyst mixture in to the plastic bottle that already contains a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, dish soap and food colours.
  • Now see what happens. You will see a huge amount of foam exploding from the bottle.

How does it work: –

In this entire process, a chemical reaction takes place in which hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen. The mixture of yeast and warm water will work as a catalyst. This foam is made up of oxygen filled bubbles.