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Best Giant Octopus Video for Kids


This easy to understand video reveals a lot of facts about the Giant Pacific Octopus:

                                       Giant Octopus Facts

An octopus is a sea creature which has eight arms. The name Octopus is derived from Greek word ‘Okto’, which means 8. There are approximately 300 known species found all over the world. The plural of ‘Octopus’ is ‘Octopuses’, not ‘Octopi’. The Giant Pacific Octopus is the largest in the world. They are smart and solitary creatures.

Quick Facts:-

  • The Giant Pacific Octopus Lives longer than any other species of octopus.
  • An average giant octopus can reach up to 16 ft. in length and can weigh up to 50 kg.
  • Their average lifespan is about 4 years.
  • Both males and females die soon after breeding.
  • Female octopuses have a brooding period of around one month and they do not eat in this entire month.
  • These octopuses are generally reddish-brown in colour and have huge heads.
  • They can change their skin color and texture by using special pigment cells present in their skin.
  • They can easily blend in with plants and rocks.
  • Giant Pacific octopuses are carnivores and generally hunt at night. They usually prey on Shrimp, fish, lobsters etc. They are known to attack sharks and birds as well.
  • They are incredibly intelligent creatures.
  • All the eight arms of giant pacific octopus are covered with suction cups.
  • They live in shallow water bodies.




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