Steps of the Scientific Method Facts for Kids Video

This video explains all the steps involved in a science experiment.

                                Steps of a Scientific Method

A scientific method is a process to get observations and find answers of some questions. It is an iterative process because the steps can be repeated at any point of the process if any new information is added. There are seven steps of a scientific method: –

  • Questions: – A method starts with a question. When you have some doubt in your mind and you want to clear that you will use a scientific method.
  • Research: – It works on a strategy ‘Ask Questions – Find Information’. In this step, you try to collect all the information by finding answers of your questions.
  • Hypothesis: – You need to construct a hypothesis before starting the experiment. In this phase, you imagine that what will be the result of your action. You need to make prediction on the basis of your gathered information.
  • Procedure: – In this step, you will have to make a plan that how will you proceed for your experiment. In this phase, you will decide all the steps that need to be taken.
  • Experiment: This step tests your hypothesis fairly. You will come to know that how accurate your predictions were.
  • Results: Now you will have answers for all of your questions.
  • Conclusion: – In this step, you will analyze your results carefully and conclude the entire experiment by stating a final answer.