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Interesting Facts About Uranus Video Information

This video is all about the planet Uranus. With this video, you will learn how Uranus looks like it’s tipped on its side, what scientists think happened to the planet to cause it to be tipped on its side and see the moons of this planet and what their names are. You will see a simulation on what the magnetic field is like on the planet because of its position. You will learn about Uranus’ moon called Miranda and how scientists think this moon was blown apart and reassembled by gravity. You will even learn about what is causing Uranus to give a soft blue glow.

Your youngster will substantially delight in viewing this intriguing Interesting Facts About Uranus for kids video and enjoyably widen all your kids’s interest in Interesting Facts About Uranus.

This Interesting Facts About Uranus video is targeted for kids, from ones participating in early learning programs for pre-K kids, to Fifth graders, certainly including preschoolers kids and children educated in your own home.

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