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                                 Isaac Newton Laws of Motion

A force can be defined as something that can change the state of motion of an object. The force can be applied in any form either push or pull. Gravity is a continuous force, applied on our body and it keeps you secure on the Earth. Sir Isaac Newton formulated laws of Universal gravitation and motion. These three laws of motion describe scientifically that how things move. Applications of these three laws are endless.

  • First Law of Motion: – This law states that an object does not change its state until any exterior force is applied. If the object is moving then it will keep moving and if an object is static then it will remain at rest like that till the moment we are applying any other additional force.
  • Second Law of Motion: – This law of motion states that the mass of an object is directly proportional to the force required for acceleration. He gave an equation for this.

F = ma (Force = mass X acceleration)

If you have a ball then the harder you kick it, the farther it will go.

  • Third Law of Motion: – The third law states that each and every action has an equal reaction which is opposite. Or in other words it can be explained as, at every point there are two opposite forces which are same in amount.




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