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                                                   Mitosis Facts

Mitosis can be defined as a process that divides a single cell into two identical daughter cells. It is also called Cell division. This process takes place for growth. By this, worn out cells get replaced. Most of the people confuse two terms, Mitosis and Meiosis with each other but in actual, they are different. Mitosis forms two identical daughter cells and Meiosis forms four non-identical daughter cells.

Phases of Mitosis: –

There are 5 phases of Mitosis: –

  • Interphase: – In this step, the DNA gets copied to prepare for cell division. Two identical full sets of chromosomes are formed. Two centrosomes are outside the nucleus. Each one of them contains a pair of centrioles. These centrosomes extend microtubules.
  • Prophase: – Chromosomes change into X-shaped structures that are visible by using microscope. Two sister chromatids that contain identical genetic information compose a chromosome. At the end of this phase, the membrane gets dissolved releasing the chromosomes.
  • Metaphase: – In this phase, chromosomes fall in a line neatly along the equator of the cell. Now, centrioles settle at opposite poles of the cell.
  • Anaphase: – Mitotic spindle pulls the sister chromatic apart to the opposite ends.
  • Telophase: – In Telophase, at both the poles, full sets of chromosomes are gathered together. Around each set, a membrane is formed so that 2 new nucleus can be created. The single cell gets pinched in the middle and forms two daughter cells. Each one of them contains a full set of chromosomes within a nucleus.


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